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Play amongst Advanced hover tanks, bombers, and fighter jets and begin the sport like a fundamental unit such as the Javelin or even the Manta. You may also improve your count of killing to unlock more complex units such as the Harpy and Gladiator. You may also kill more and more people to unlock various super units such as the enormous flying battleship and also the Ion Cannon! All of the teams would begin with a restricted quantity of supplies and if you kill an opponent unit, there will be a new enemy unit instead and also the supply ticker for that enemy team would instantly dip lower. ( No hacked version )

When the supply already reaches zero, the bases defences explode and also the Command Center is susceptible. You should work together to eliminate your attacker opponents as well as their Command Center prior to the enemy destroys yours

How you can Play

The sport uses the movements such as the WASD keys. Some units, such as the Gladiator, have alternate guns which fire with right-click, but many units simply have primary weapons which fire with left-click. All of the units get one ability that is hot keyed towards the number keys. Zoom using the mouse wheel.

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